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About Us

NexNotch is a one stop solution for your organisation's continuing talent needs. With access to experienced and skilled talent, your organisation will never stop growing. Our team of experts comprehend this aspect of running a business and we are ready to provide a holistic recruitment solution to you. And, we don’t just stop there. We believe in lasting relationships as a strong foundation for growth. We partner with you in times of need and stay with you in your journey toward success.

NexNotch is your leading HR partner in growth. We have teamed up with several established businesses to help them grow by providing top-notch HR services. A rich experience of almost two decades in the industry provides us with the expertise to serve businesses and candidates with quality HR solutions. We specialize in mid and senior level recruitment for various industries with finesse in Finance, Capital Markets, Telecom and IT, besides many other sectors.

The vast experience allows us to effortlessly understand client perspective – benefitting both clients and candidates. A deep insight into client requirements allows us to shortlist and ready candidates best suited to your needs. Our rigorous screening process helps us pick the right person from a huge pool of resources and guide candidates to pick up a role best suited to them. The competent recruitment process provides with a fit that best suits the organisation and aspirant. Acting as brand ambassadors to our clients – businesses and candidates, we are always up to tread the extra mile in our endeavour to get you the best.

Meet the Experts/ Faces behind NexNotch

Sonal Gupta - Founder and CEO

A proficient human resource professional, Sonal Gupta founded NexNotch solely out of passion and the will to bring innovation for the better in the industry.
Her expertise in Talent Acquisition comes from her wide experience of about 2 decades, where she served the HR sector in varied senior roles.
With names like Specialty Ranbaxy Labs, Cadence, Hughes Software Systems, Capgemini, and Siemens Information Systems decorating her portfolio, she has carved a niche for executive talent search and selection. Her recent role saw her co-founding and managing the sourcing division at Effective People.
A double postgraduate with an MSC in Genetics and a MBA in HR, Sonal believes in joining hands and growing together with her clients and team.

Rajiv Gupta – Advisor and Mentor

A maestro in the financial sector, Rajiv is currently assisting the company as an advisor and as a mentor to Sonal in her endeavour to take the HR industry a notch above.

With two decades of experience in the Finance sector, Rajiv brings his knowledge, experience, and network to the business. Having worked with reputed names like ICICI, HDFC, and SBI in varied leadership roles, Rajiv is frequently termed as an expert in people and change management.

Currently serving e-commerce customers at his own venture, he offers his unending support and guidance to NexNotch.

Our Services/Hire Talent

Are you wondering how can NexNotch help your organisation? What can our experts do that other businesses can’t? We simply believe good HR consultation goes beyond than just providing the next candidate to fill in a vacant role in your organisation.

What services can you expect from NexNotch?
We act as Brand Ambassadors for our clients – businesses and candidates

Access the Best Candidate Pool

The building blocks of your organisation are the people who you hire. Hence, it's essential that you hire professionals who not only have the necessary experience and skills, but are also suitable for your company culture.
When we select talent for your organisation, we have a holistic approach which simply ensures that the candidate is the right one.

Hire the Right Talent

At NexNotch, we have a very stringent screening process. Once you partner with us, we source from a vast candidate pool. Every effort is made to ascertain that we are offering the best candidate for the role and your organisation.
Apart from conducting reference checks, we have a face-to-face meeting with the candidate.
We scrutinize the candidate thoroughly to ensure he is the right fit. When we send you shortlisted resumes, you will be satisfied with the candidates.

Get Post-Recruitment Support

Once you select the candidate, you can expect continuous support to your organisation. In our experience, NexNotch's Post-Recruitment Support has played a crucial role in reducing attrition rates.
We do this by constantly communicating with the candidate to ensure that his career objectives align with your organisation's offering.
Additionally, we also communicate with you to ascertain that the candidate meets your expectation.

Take your Organisation to the Next Notch

Our services extend beyond helping you find the right candidate. We aim to offer you a holistic recruiting solution, which takes your organisation to the next level. We are constantly present to make sure that you have the right human resources to continue expanding your business. We are also expanding our own horizons to offer Recruitment Process Outsourcing to clients. NexNotch would become your recruitment arm. Additionally, you can look forward to our Third Party Payroll service through which we could help you manage payroll payments and compliance. NexNotch is also in the process of building Leadership Development Corporate trainings that can turn your employees into powerful leaders to push the organisation forward.


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